Premium ceramic bezel finish with a digital knob to easily navigate from the menu to data screens
COROS Trainer will structure a complete workout geared towards your fitness level and training needs
UltraMax setting will allow for the battery to run up to 80 hours using GPS, while normal GPS mode will yield up to 25 hours and regular usage up to 24 days
Customize your activities to meet your training demands from setting up a brick run, to creating your own duathlong
Available with multiple sizing and band options, you have the ability to find the combination that best fits your lifestyle

When it came to the design of APEX, we took an unconventional approach. The concept was to allow you to train harder, safer and much more efficiently every day and to be ready for the complex outdoor world. Exploring innovative ideas and putting them into action is what drives our team each day. Our team of researchers and engineers worked with numerous athletes from around the world to identify areas of improvements to their extreme training needs. The result is a premium watch with our exclusive COROS Training software, specifically geared towards enabling your inner inspiration.

COROS Trainer
In our COROS labs, we developed a comprehensive algorithm that accurately measures your heart rate, along with other fitness data points. This software will precisely predict your stamina level, aerobic/anaerobic training effects, and recovery time. These calculations are based on our ability to obtain your lactate threshold, which is 97% more accurate stacked against real world testing1. Allowing the COROS Trainer to structure a complete workout specifically geared towards your fitness level and training needs.
• Your Complete Training Guide
o The COROS Trainer dials-in your training based on calculations from your heart rate. It will be split-up into three different stages: Warm Up, Training, and Cool Down. The COROS Trainer will then provide the duration and target hear rate throughout each stage. This is available for Aerobic and Anaerobic Training modes.
• Training Efficiency Without Injury
o To prevent injury, there’s nothing more crucial than training correctly. We’re able to accurately determine your overall effort, broken down into stamina level (0-100) and training effect (0-6). Exerted way too much stamina? COROS Trainer will notify you it’s time to rest up. “Goal Achieved! Time to cool down.” Now, who doesn’t love hearing that.
o What’s even more important is recovery time. Based on the effort level and training history, you will then be able see an advised recovery window before you begin your next activity. This is available for Interval, Aerobic, and Anaerobic Training modes.
• Advanced Training Analysis
o Once you’ve finished your workout, the best part begins. Our COROS App will give you a complete graphical analysis of your training – including: VO2 max, recovery advisor, threshold pace, last-7 days training load, personal fitness index and plenty more. Additionally, you can connect to your favorite 3rd party applications such as STRAVA and TrainingPeaks and automatically upload your workouts.
Premium Build Quality
• Being able to transition from the workplace, into your training element is made much easier with the quality build and design. Sourcing the best materials, we manufactured the APEX with a titanium alloy2 bezel finish, complete with a sapphire glass for extreme protection.
• Easily swap-in and out the premium silicone watch band to a color or material* that matches your personality. Not to mention, our watch band will also sit comfortably on your wrist, allowing for more accurate heart rate readings.

Simplicity at its Finest
• Using buttons to change screens can be overwhelming at times, especially in the middle of a workout. With the digital knob, you can easily navigate through the APEX inside and out with a single turn of the knob by using only a single finger.
Ultra-Durable Battery Life
• Make constantly charging your watch a thing of the past. With APEX, you will have a watch that is built to last above and beyond your workout. In UltraMax setting, the battery is carefully engineered to last up to 100 hours using GPS (80 hours for 42mm version). While using normal mode will yield up to 35 hours (25 hours for 42mm), and regular usage up to 30 days (24 days for 42mm).
Bike, Run or Run, Swim, Run – It’s Up to You!
• No longer are you set to a single activity. With customized activity workouts, you now have the ability to set up your next brick run, duathlon, or any combination of activities that you
prefer. More activities will be added soon that include cross-country skiing and others3.
One Size Does Not Fit All
• A watch should not only fit your lifestyle, but it should also physically fit to your liking. The APEXs does just that and is designed for those who prefer a lower profile, smaller watch bezel.

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Premium Multisport Watch with COROS Trainer, Digital Knob, and Ultra-Durable Battery Life – Ceramic | Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor | Barometer, Altimeter, Compass | Digital Maps | GPS, GLONASS | ANT+ and BLE Connections

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Blue, GREY/BLACK, NAVY, Orange, Pink, White

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solar black, metallic silver


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