Squeezy Energy Gel Sachet


Squeezy Energy Gel Sachet


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The SQUEEZY DRINK GEL is lighter than ordinary gels and easily digested

SQUEEZY DRINK GELS only contain ingredients which support the athlete during excercise .

The SQUEEZY DRINK GEL contains isomaltulose and maltodextrin.

Due the higher percentage of water the SQUEEZY DRINK GEL you don’t need an additional water supply within 2 hours (during competition and training of normal condition).

By the innovative and reclosable 60 ml “squeasypak” you do not need to drink it all at once. The “squeasypak” can be used easily with one hand.

Free of gluten, lactose and artificial sugar.

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Banana, Orange Peach, Raspberry, Mixed Flavor, Lemon + Caffeine, Cola + Caffeine


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