Vitargo Electrolyte


Vitargo Electrolyte
Vitargo Electrolyte
Vitargo Electrolyte
Vitargo Electrolyte
Vitargo Electrolyte
Vitargo Electrolyte
Vitargo Electrolyte
Vitargo Electrolyte

Vitargo Electrolyte


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Vitargo ® , the highly regarded carbohydrate from Sweden that set the
standards in sports nutrition in 1994. A first of its kind when first
introduced, and still, the only one of its kind today. A unique, patented
complex carbohydrate with a molecular handprint massively different
from sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose) and maltodextrin carbohydrates
that make up most sports drinks and energy gels today.
A Different Carb, Remarkable Speed — Fastest Body Fuel™
Speed matters in sports nutrition. The faster your carb fuel leave your stomach
and fuel your muscles, the lesser the risk of stomach discomforts. Vitargo is a
non-sugar, non-maltodextrin, non-caffeinated carbohydrate yet works over 2x
faster. Over 120% more carbohydrates absorbed by your body in the first 10
minutes of intake. Fuel before, during and after with the speed and comfort of
Vitargo. No bloating, no crashing – nothing comes close. Pure carbohydrate
that’s fastest from mouth to muscle.
Recovery — Same Day Recovery™
Vitargo is clinically proven to replenish depleted glycogen reserves 70% faster
than popular carb fuels, enabling fuller and fueled muscles for your next training.
Highly valuable for multi day events.
Proven — Proof Before Promises™
All product claims on Vitargo are grounded in real science, supported by peer
reviewed, published clinical tests done on real athletes ( Most
importantly, Vitargo is validated beyond the lab by Olympians, endurance & elite
athletes of all sports and weekend warriors worldwide who trust Vitargo.
Practical — Sustainable Nutrition
Vitargo ® in the Philippines is among the lowest in cost per gram. The 2 Kg Tub
with 2 x 1000 grams bags is valued at Php1.75 per gram (Php3,500/2000g). A
practical choice among athletes who train & compete regularly.

Discover endurance in every sip. Pure energy on demand, in the amounts
that you need which doesn’t upset your stomach.
Vitargo – Real Science, Feel The Difference!

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